Maren Morris puts new spin on Billy Idol’s ’80s classic “Dancing with Myself”

Maren Morris, who brought us hits like “The Middle” and “The Bones,” is now putting a new spin on a classic song from the ’80s: Billy Idol‘s “Dancing with Myself.”

Maren has released a video for the song, which shows her going into the legendary Nashville record store Grimey’s, picking the song out of the racks and stepping up to the microphone to deliver a slowed-down, acoustic version of the song. 

In between singing, Maren dances — with herself — around the racks of records.

“Dancing with Myself” was originally recorded by Billy Idol’s band Gen X in 1980. Idol remixed and rereleased it under his own name in 1981, and it became a staple on MTV.

Maren, who ended her marriage to fellow singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd in 2023, recorded the song in partnership with Visible Wireless, a wireless service for singles. She tells Yahoo Entertainment, “For me right now, I’m really leaning into my sort of singleness and it’s daunting but exciting.”

She adds, “I’m in this new slate in life and I want to sort of lean into the vulnerability of the lyrics, because when I was [writing] them down, I don’t know, it kind of struck this melancholic note and I feel like that’s such a relatable theme to singleness.”

Maren, who announced in September that she was taking a “step back” from country music, where she’s had her biggest success, is currently working on new music. She’ll receive the Visionary Award at the Billboard Women in Music Awards on March 6.

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