Luke Bryan reveals which names have been “thrown around” as Katy Perrys replacement

Katy Perry‘s chair at the judges’ table on American Idol has yet to be filled, and Meghan Trainor has come right out and begged for the job. Judge Luke Bryan says there are some female pop stars being considered for the show, though whether they’d even agree to do it is another question entirely.

Speaking to E! News, Luke said, “We’re waiting to hear who the show is going to pick. I know that Pink, her name was thrown around. Miley Cyrus.”

It’s unlikely that Pink would want the job; when asked about it recently with Entertainment Tonight, Pink said she didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings by being honest. “I’m not set up for this. I like my day job,” she said.

As for Meghan’s bid to judge, Luke tells E!, “The whole thing about that role is you gotta have personality and you gotta have fun with it every day. And I think Meghan has fun with her career, she’s kind of like me. She doesn’t take herself too serious, she has fun with her music. So, yeah, that’d be great.”

“I’ll support her or whoever all the people at ABC decide to go with,” he added. “And it’ll be exciting to see who they decide to fill Katy’s seat.”

Katy initially suggested that Jelly Roll might make a good replacement, but then walked it back, saying, “That would be too many men.”

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