Loud Luxury and Two Friends talk NYRE performance with Bebe Rexha, tease more music with her “soon”

Bebe Rexha, Loud Luxury and Two Friends will team up to perform their hit “If Only I” on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, airing on ABC December 31. During rehearsals for the show, Loud Luxury told ABC Audio that even though they’re Canadian, they always watched New Year’s Rockin’ Eve as kids.

“It’s so iconic. We’ve been watching it since we were growing up,” Loud Luxury’s Joe Depace said. His musical partner, Andrew Fedyk, added, “Yeah. It’s like the Super Bowl. You always get it up North.”

“I always thought the ball drop was really fascinating,” Andrew said. “Especially as a child, being like, ‘How did they do that? How did they pull it off?"”

Two Friends are also long-time viewers of the iconic ABC show, and are thrilled they’ll get to appear on it.

“We grew up watching this for sure,” Two Friends’ Eli Sones told ABC Audio. “We grew up on the West Coast, so it was obviously a little earlier in the night for us. But it’s an honor to be part of it.”

“Obviously, being able to play something that you’ve watched is always the pinnacle,” added his musical partner, Matthew Halper.

As for what viewers can expect from their performance on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, Joe Depace said, “It’s high energy. Like when we do a show, it’s always pumping, like, I’m going to be sweating, Andrew is going to be going crazy. So we have a lot of fun up there.”

And according to Loud Luxury, more collaborations with Bebe may appear in the near future.

“Yeah, we’ve gotten in the studio a few more times,” Joe teased.

Andrew added, “Yeah, we’ve actually written a few more songs together, so hopefully soon!”

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