Lil Nas X employs AR technology to kick off Long Live Montero tour

Lil Nas X wants his tour to be like none other, which is why he is using every technological advancement available to make his shows pop.

The Grammy winner is just the second artist to use augmented reality on his shows, following his “Industry Baby” collaborator Jack Harlow, who was first to use the new technology.

Lil Nas X kicked off his Long Live Montero tour in Detroit on Tuesday, and fans were invited to use Snapchat to heighten their experience by unlocking exclusive AR content that’s embedded in the three-act concert.

Billboard reports concertgoers can access the content in multiple ways. One hidden secret is found by scanning a Playbill that’s handed to them at the start of the show, which unlocks a narration of what’s to come. Fans can also scan the show itself for more AR embellishments, from butterflies to a digital replica of Lil Nas X.

In addition to enhancing his show by digital means, an official press release states the “Old Town Road” rapper employs a robust array of outfit changes, props and dance numbers.  

The show plays out in three acts, which are titled Rebirth, Transformation and Becoming. Each segment represents a different part of Lil Nas X’s journey. Intertwined in the storyline are Lil Nas X’s greatest hits and fan-favorite songs, from “That’s What I Want” to “Scoop.”

To get a taste of what his shows entail, check out the promo video that he posted to Instagram, which previews some of his outfits, backdrops and dance moves.

Lil Nas X continues his tour for a second go in Detroit on Wednesday night before taking his multidate trek across the globe. The jaunt wraps January 4 with a spot in Australia’s Hordern Pavilion in Sydney.

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