Lewis Capaldi revealed he was kicked off of Tinder: “People think I’m fake”

If you’re swiping right on your online dating platform and come across a Lewis Capaldi, chances are it may actually be him.

The “Somebody You Loved” hitmaker chatted with the Diary of a CEO podcast about his difficulty in finding love in the modern era. “I’ve just been kicked off Tinder because I think people think I’m fake,” he quipped, adding the same thing happened on Bumble and Hinge. He said of the latter platform that it’s the one he really wants to try “because I feel like, mid-20s, that’s what people are on.”

So why is Lewis still giving online dating a try? “I met my last girlfriend on Tinder and she’s f***ing great,” he exclaimed, making known he’s “on a bunch” of platforms. Lewis attested he isn’t interested in hookups and actually fled one platform for being “too sexual.” He joked, “I’m like, ‘This is way beyond like anything I’m tuned in for!”

The 25-year-old singer says he’d “be buzzed” when he finds the right person. So, what is he looking for in a partner? “They’d have to be quite an understanding human being,” he replied, noting he isn’t interested in just dating “people who are also famous.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lewis opened up about being diagnosed with Tourette syndrome “2 months ago” and dealing with “really bad anxiety.”

He said he didn’t know involuntary body movements were signs of Tourette syndrome and “thought I had a brain tumor” when he began exhibiting bodily tics.

Lewis said he “paid for an MRI” because he was “getting so anxious that I was dizzy.” Now that he’s been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome and anxiety, he says he’s relieved to finally have an answer and is managing both with therapy.

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