Lewis Capaldi is now the proud owner of his own pizza brand, Big Sexy Pizza

Hungry? Let Lewis Capaldi take care of your Italian cravings because he’s just launched his very own pizza brand.

The “Someone You Loved” singer announced his new business venture on Instagram, writing, “Do you like warm mouthfuls of delight? well thankfully your old pal lewis here has you covered.”

Lewis has launched “Big Sexy Pizza,” which he says comes “straight from me to your lovely little tummies.”

The Grammy nominee revealed in a promotional video that he, like many homebound individuals during lockdown, “turned to sourdough” and began baking bread. He had a knack for it, so “the cogs started turning,” and he realized “pizza could be my true calling.”

“It was a lot of trial and error and, eventually, I stumbled upon greatness,” he raved as the video showed him being bathed in heavenly light while chomping down on a pizza slice. Lewis revealed that he wants his new venture “to succeed,” so fans might catch him on cooking shows in the future.  

“You’ll be seeing a lot about cheese,” he joked while gesturing to himself.

Unfortunately, only fans in the U.K. can give Lewis’ “Big Sexy Pizza” a try as it’s only sold in the country’s Iceland and Tesco grocery chains. Those outside the country can “follow along for the ride” on the company’s Instagram.

“New music and pizza in the same month? Don’t say @lewiscapaldi isn’t good to you,” Big Sexy Pizza declared in its latest post.

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