“Let’s make a deal”: Pop-Tarts wants Taylor Swift’s homemade toaster pastry recipe

Turns out fans weren’t the only people interested in hearing that Taylor Swift made homemade Pop-Tarts for her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, and his Kansas City Chiefs teammates. The company that makes the official toaster pastry took notice, too — and now they want Tay’s recipe.

The Pop-Tarts brand took out a full-page ad in The Kansas City Star’s March 1 print edition. It read, “To KC’s most famous fan, we heard you have a Pop-Tarts pastry recipe. We’re tortured not knowing more about this DIY delight. What’s the filling? Does it have frosting? Do they have little holes? So let’s make a deal.”

The ad says Pop-Tarts is making a donation to a local food bank in Kansas City and will double it “if you share (your version) of our recipe with the masses. And this time we’ll make sure coach gets a bite. You in?”

That last line refers to Chiefs coach Andy Reid, while appearing on a podcast, noting that she didn’t give him one of the Pop-Tarts she’d made for the offensive linemen.

The ad also includes an illustration of a friendship bracelet that reads “Crazy Good.”

This isn’t the first time that Pop-Tarts has tried to gain attention with a Swift reference. In 2022, after she released Midnights, the brand posted a parody of the album’s cover with the caption, “FYI we’re around if you need a midnight snack (aka emotional support Pop-Tarts).” 

The cover also listed song titles that had been changed to reference Pop-Tarts, like “Strawberry Glaze,” “Betoasted,” “Anti-Hunger” and “Snackster-Mind.”

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