‘Law & Order: SVU’ writers are down with a Taylor Swift guest appearance

Taylor Swift fans know that the singer is a huge fan of Law & Order: SVU — after all, she named one of her cats Olivia Benson, after Mariska Hargitay‘s character on the long-running drama.  So it’s no wonder that the show’s writers are all fine with the idea of a Taylor cameo.

A Taylor Swift fan tweeted to a few of the show’s writers and the show’s producer, “Petition to have @taylorswift13 star on @nbcsvu.”  One of the writers to whom she directed the tweet, Warren Leight, replied, “Cosign.”

That led the Twitter account of the SVU Writers Room to retweet the exchange and add, “How about it, @taylorswift13? Fans, any thoughts?

Many fans were excited about the prospect, though quite a few insisted that should Taylor appear on the show, she should play a villain.  Others said she should only appear if her cat Olivia is allowed to guest star as well.

One fan with a good memory recalled that Taylor was “pretty good” when she appeared on CSI as a teen, adding, “So I’d be interested to see this.”  Other fans said they’d rather see other female singers guest-star, including Sara Bareilles, Demi Lovato, and Amy Lee from Evanescence.

However, several people rejected the idea of a Taylor guest shot, because it would take away work from any professional actor who’s been sidelined by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a reminder, Hargitay played “Justice” in Taylor’s Bad Blood video, which included a head-spinning array of guest stars, from Gigi Hadid and Lena Dunham to Hailee Steinfeld and Zendaya.

By Andrea Dresdale
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