Late nights in the middle of June: Glass Animals singer loves the “dog days” of summer

In Glass Animals‘ hit “Heat Waves,” lead singer Dave Bayley sings, “Sometimes, all I think about is you/Late nights in the middle of June.”  Well, now that June has arrived, what does Dave actually like to do in real life during late nights in the middle of this month?  He’s almost embarrassed to admit it.

“What is my favorite thing? I have a dog, and honestly, I’m obsessed with my dog,” Dave tells ABC Audio. “So my favorite thing late night in the middle of June is just to like…I just like taking him out.”

He laughs, “This is going to sound ridiculous! I just like hanging out with him, throwing a ball around.”

But other than playing with his dog, Dave says there are several other activities that make him enjoy June more than other months.

“My birthday’s in June, so I’ll have a nice birthday party,” he explains. “All the festivals are in June. I’m excited for them. June’s a great month!”

Dave’s birthday is June 7, if you want to wish him a happy one.  As for festivals, Glass Animals aren’t playing any in June, but they will be this fall, including Bonnaroo, Life Is Beautiful and Outside Lands. Their Dreamland tour starts August 30.

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