Lady Gaga sells her Hollywood Hills home for $6.5 million

Lady Gaga is moving onto bigger and better things…literally.  The singer has quietly sold the Hollywood Hills mansion she called home for the past six years for a cushy $6.5 million.

Real estate watchdog Dirt reports that Gaga handed off the keys in an off-market deal to Mick Jagger‘s daughter, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Jagger.

The outlet reports that the nearly 7,000 square feet property once belonged to the legendary rocker Frank Zappa, who occupied the Tudor-style house from the 70s until his death in 1993.  His widow, Gail, resided on the property until she passed in 2015. Zappa’s children sold the home to Gaga a few months later for about $5.3 million. 

The “Rain on Me” singer previously spoke about her digs with Howard Stern in 2016 and revealed that she managed to negotiate keeping Zappa’s personal soundboard from one of the recording studios he built inside the home.  Zappa had constructed two studios on the residence and Gaga revealed that the “entire basement level” was full of recording equipment.

At the time, Gaga also told Stern she hoped to “restore” the property but also “kind of leave it the way it is.”  Unfortunately, fans won’t know the extent of those renovations because the house was never publicly listed.

As for where the pop icon currently lives, Dirt says Gaga resides in Malibu in a “titanic estate” she purchased in 2014 for $22.5 million.


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