Lady Gaga cries in new trailer for Prince Harry/Oprah series ‘The Me You Can’t See’

Lady Gaga’s a global pop superstar and actress, but in the new trailer for Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey‘s new docuseries on mental health, she’s just “Stefani.”

Gaga’s appearance in The Me You Can’t See series was already announced, but the trailer gives us a look at what her participation consists of.  Introduced with the onscreen title “Stefani,” we see her meditating outside, and then saying, “I don’t tell this story for my own self-service. I’ve been through it and people need help.”

Later, we see Gaga crying and saying, “I just froze and I….” before she trails off. It’s not clear what she’s talking about, but it could be the sexual assault that she suffered as a young woman. She has told Oprah in the past about how she suffers from PTSD because she never processed the trauma.

Gaga’s part of a montage of people — some well-known, some not — talking about their own mental health struggles, including Harry and Oprah themselves.  Their mission is to destigmatize mental health issues and to encourage people to reach out if they’re struggling.

Harry says, “To make that decision to receive health is not a sign of weakness. In today’s world, more than ever, it is a sign of strength.”

The entire Me You Can’t See series arrives May 21 on Apple TV+.

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