Kelly Clarkson tells Meghan Trainor what *not* to do while touring with two kids

Meghan Trainor is going to kick off her first tour in seven years in September, and her husband and two sons, Riley and Barry, are coming along with her. When Meghan appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show on April 29, Kelly, who’s had experience touring with her kids River and Remy, offered her some advice.

“I have one tip for you,” Kelly cautioned Meghan. “With your kiddos, you feel like you have to wake up with them. Like, don’t do that! Let [your husband] wake up with them, sleep in as long as you can. ‘Cause you don’t go onstage ’til late. ‘Cause your voice will hate you! It won’t [last].”

When Meghan said she’s only doing a two-month tour to see if she and her family can “survive” being on the road, Kelly warned, “You won’t, if you try and be super mom. You’re gonna be super mom by showing them how amazing you are onstage.”

When Meghan said that she might want to take her kids to museums while they’re on the road, Kelly said, “Don’t try and do it all. I tried to do that too … you’re excited about life, just like me, and it’s O.K. to miss some of the moments. It’s O.K.!” 

“Thank you for saying that,” Megan responded.

Meghan also talked about her new album, Timeless, coming out in June. Asked why she chose that name, Meghan revealed that all her albums start with “T” — for Trainor — “to represent my family.” But also, Meghan said, she and her husband are “trying to live forever” for their children.

“And I want them to live forever,” she added. “So I wanna live and love like we are timeless, and if someone was like, ‘Here’s a pill you can live forever,’ I’d be like, ‘O.K.!"”

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