Kelly Clarkson falls at Jon Bon Jovis feet after screwing up one of his songs

Kelly Clarkson has released a blooper reel showing her failed attempts to sing a hit by Jon Bon Jovi — and then her reaction when she learned Jon watched her screw the song up.

Jon was the guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Thursday, so for her Kellyoke performance, Kelly tried to cover his #1 1990 solo hit “Blaze of Glory.” Kelly says in the blooper reel, “That was the song that almost killed me, not even ’cause I can’t sing it — I just can’t read.”

“I grew up on that song. I know that song. But in rehearsal, I messed it up like a gazillion times. Not even ’cause I wasn’t hitting the notes — I just couldn’t read. I just kept saying the wrong words. It got so ridiculous I had to ‘Let it Go,’ like Elsa.”

We then see Kelly mess up the song multiple times, uttering profanities and screaming in frustration. Finally someone says to her, “Look who it is! Jon Bon Jovi!” As Jon walks onto the stage, Kelly hits her knees and collapses at his feet.

“I can’t get the words right,” she yells. “Come on, girlfriend,” he laughs. She repeats, “I kept saying the wrong words! I can’t do it!”

While appearing on the show, Jon talked about a message that his wife — his high school sweetheart, Dorothea — wrote in his yearbook: “John, write a sequel to ‘Bobby’s Girl’ but name it ‘She’s Johnny’s Now,’ love Dot.”

Jon explained that “Bobby’s Girl” was one of the first original songs he wrote, inspired by the fact that Dorothea was dating his friend Bobby. Jon says when Bobby went left to join the service, “I just fell in love with the girl sitting next to me in history class.”

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