Katy Perrys message for Orlando Bloom now that his new show is out: “Please dont ever do this again”

Katy Perry‘s fiancé, Orlando Bloom, is the star of a new show called Orlando Bloom: To the Edge, which features the British actor doing scary, death-defying stunts like sky-diving and free rock climbing. And Katy says she’s supportive of all this, but enough already.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Katy says that when Orlando was filming the show, “Oh my gosh, I was like, ‘I need a ginger ale. My stomach was turning!"” She adds, “Every time he called me I was just thanking God. At the end of the day he gives me a call when they’re shooting those things. It was like, ‘There it is! It’s his number."”

“I can’t stop him, and I just want to let him know, ‘Honey, I’m impressed and I’m proud of you,"” she joked. “‘I’m so impressed with you. Please don’t ever do this again. If that was all to impress me, you did it. Now stop."”

Orlando will probably have to stay home in the future, since Katy has plans for new music and possibly a world tour. After all, someone has to stay home and watch their daughter, Daisy.

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