Katy Perry pays tribute to late manager, says she made him “proud” with new music before his death

Music manager Martin Kirkup died February 4 at age 75, and one of his clients, Katy Perry, has now taken to Instagram to pay tribute to him — and to reveal that he approved of her new music.

“It’s taken me a little while to make this post…something about posting it makes it all feel, final,” she writes. “I must respectfully take a moment and speak on how special he was and is to me.”

Noting that Kirkup was one of her managers for nearly 20 years, Katy describes him as “one of my protectors,” who was “vigilant about getting me what I deserved and celebrated the headstrong female I am.”

“Martin and I got to climb so many wonderful professional mountains and have thoroughly enjoyed the views together – traveling, tasting, learning, celebrating, leaning into the fullness and beauty of life,” she adds. “Martin left this dimension with no stones unturned!”

“Three days before he passed, he finally got to hear some of what I have been working on and the joy and love that it holds,” she says. “I could tell he was excited for the future, and I was so glad I had that last moment to make him proud in my own little way.”

Katy says she believes Martin was somehow communicating with her after he passed, because she kept seeing her favorite number, 143 (which counts the letters in each word of “I love you”), the day after he passed.

“I believe our angels and loved ones always want to talk with us… if we are willing to listen,” she concludes. “I hear you Martin, and 143 back to you.”

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