Katy Perry on her upcoming Las Vegas residency: “I’m aiming for eight to 80 years old”

As documented by paparazzi, Katy Perry‘s summer vacation this year involved frolicking in Italy. But she says her seemingly decadent holiday was her last chance to let it all hang out before she returns to the stage later this year for her first-ever Las Vegas residency.

“I have free time for one last hurrah before I start getting ready for Vegas — i.e., stop thinking about eating pasta all the time so I can get back into tour shape again,” Katy told LuisViaRoma magazine while she was in Italy living la dolce vita.

Her Vegas show, Play, starts in December at Resorts World, which coincidentally, Katy says, “sits on the same ground” as the old Stardust Hotel. That’s where, she says, “my aunt was a topless showgirl and my grandmother was a seamstress for the show…so Vegas is very much in my blood.” 

But don’t expect any topless shenanigans during Play.  “I’m aiming for my audience to be the family — eight to 80 years old,” Katy tells LVR. “I do everything with a wink. Even if it’s a sexual connotation, it’s subtle.” 

Katy reveals that the merchandise for the new show will include NFTs, but she’s also working on making her vast archives of props and costumes available for fans to purchase.  “My fans love the tangible,” she says.

Of course, Katy’s one-year-old daughter, Daisy, will be with her in Las Vegas.  “She is everything I was ever looking for,” gushes Katy.  “She is adaptable and happy; her schedule fluctuates. In the beginning, I worried about a schedule, but decided I won’t be that mom. All that matters is that everyone is happy.”

But that doesn’t mean Katy’s a pushover. “You have to be smart and exercise the word ‘no,” she notes.





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