Katy Perry is auctioning off the “Golden Lion” she rode in on at the Super Bowl in 2015

Katy Perry’s mentioned that she’ll be offering NFTs — basically, unique digital collectibles — in connection with her upcoming Las Vegas residency PLAY. But to set the stage for that, she’s got her first set of NFTs going up for sale tomorrow.  Unlike most NFT drops, though, this sale includes an actual, physical thing: the massive “Golden Lion” prop she rode into the stadium when she played the Super Bowl in 2015.

The “Golden Lion” is one of the items in the new NFT sale, called The Roar Package: Looking Back While Moving Forward.  If you buy the “Golden Lion” NFT, you’ll then redeem it to receive delivery of the prop, which weighs 2200 pounds, and measures 22 feet long and 16 feet high. 

On the cheaper side, for $100, you can purchase “Mirror Motivation,” an animated digital image of Katy hyping herself up in the mirror before she entered the stadium at the Super Bowl.

And for just $25, you can buy “Ignite the Light,” a digital image that shows a photo of the huge shooting star prop she rode on during the Super Bowl performance, and an animated graphic of it exploding into a firework.

You can pre-register now and fund your account to be ready to buy by visiting Katy.ThetaDrop.com.

This is all a buildup to the December 29 opening of PLAY. In a statement, Katy says, “The NFTs concept is new and exciting, so I’m thrilled my fans and I get to be early adopters in this new world.”

She adds, “In addition to the digital NFTs, these drops will include the opportunity to get tangible collectibles as well, so you can come away with some one of-a-kind, incredible pieces of pop culture history.”



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