Justin Timberlake officially confirms that *NSYNC appears on his new album

After Justin Timberlake posted a video on TikTok showing off the deluxe edition of his upcoming album, Everything I Thought It Was, and a video on Instagram showing the vinyls being pressed in a factory, fans were able to catch a glimpse of the track listing — and they believed they spotted a song called “Paradise” that features *NSYNC. Justin has now confirmed that his old group is indeed on the record.

Justin made a separate TikTok to reply to a comment by a fan that reads, “Blink twice if *NSYNC is on a song called Paradise.” In the video, he lowers his sunglasses and very deliberately blinks twice. In addition, Chris Kirkpatrick commented on the post with the “surprised eyes” emojis.

Of course, two *NSYNC reunions in six months isn’t enough for fans. One commented, “Now blink 3 times if NSYNC will pop in with you on tour…”

Everything I Thought It Was arrives March 15. In the deluxe edition TikTok, Justin said the album is orange because it’s his favorite color. Dozens of fans filled the comments section complaining that back in his *NSYNC days he said his favorite color was baby blue.

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