Justin Bieber’s wife says they bond over detoxing, beauty products & “experiencing new things”

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey often share special moments with their social media followers, but according to Hailey, the loved-up couple also shares their beauty routines and products.

Speaking to People.com, Hailey says, “We use the same hairbrush all the time which, I feel like when you’re married or you live with someone, you just start to use each other’s s**t.” 

“I wouldn’t even bat an eye if I walked into the bathroom and he’s using my eye cream or something,” she adds, noting she “definitely” shares serums and moisturizers with Justin too. “That’s just kind of some of the beauty of what being in a relationship is!”

Hailey also reveals that the two also like to detox together.

“Both my husband and I are really healthy, so sometimes we’ll do it at the same time,” she says, adding, “I did a cleanse where I was flushing my liver and just drinking a ton of water and juice and tea and soups. There’s so many different things you can do, like sitting in a sauna is detoxing, or an Epsom salt bath.”

And overall, Hailey says the silver lining to having to stay at home during the pandemic has been hanging with Justin.

“I’ve [gotten] time with my husband, just the two of us alone with each other laughing and having fun and experiencing new things,” she reveals.

By Andrea Dresdale
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