Justin Bieber says he wants new album to “provide comfort”: “It’s been a crazy time”

Some artists want their albums to make their fans dance. Justin Bieber just wants his new album JUSTICE to make you feel better.

According to the U.K.’s Official Charts Company, during a recent Zoom call, Justin told reporters, “It’s been a crazy time in this world. There’s been a lot of uncertainty, and so I think my objective in making this album was to just provide comfort to the listener, provide another outlet of connectivity, because I know a lot of people have been isolated.”

Justin added that it was “very important to not just talk about the lovey-dovey stuff,” on JUSTICE — he also wanted to document “the struggles.”

“What are people going through? What are they are feeling? A lot of people have lost jobs and and lost loved ones,” he added. “Their whole lives has been turned around. I hope this can provide some sort of reprieve to those feelings.”

One example is the song “Ghost,” which is not, as fans seem to believe, about Selena Gomez.  Justin explained that it’s about only having the memory of someone because they’ve either died, or you can’t see them during quarantine.”

“We’re not socializing, relating and connecting in the same way,” he explained. “The ‘memory of you’ can be taken in different ways.”

Another song, “Unstable,” is about how Justin’s wife Hailey was “there for me through it all,” when, a year ago, he said, “I was in a really bad place.”

The record also makes reference to the concept of “justice” itself.

“If you’re not standing up for what you know is right, then what are you doing with your life?” Justin asked, adding, “It’s very timely and very necessary.”

Official Charts Company says a deluxe version of the album is coming Monday.

By Andrea Dresdale
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