Josh Groban says his virtual concerts have their own “beauty and poetry”

On Thanksgiving Day at 4 p.m. ET, Josh Groban will do a special livestream concert to celebrate the release of his new album Harmony.   So far this year, Josh has done a couple of these performances, and at the first one, he was surprised that he didn’t miss the audience as much as he thought he would.

It was its own beauty and poetry,” he tells ABC Audio. “We were just in this black box in Burbank, and we’re singing out to the void, and it felt amazing for us to put everybody to work again and put on a suit and and sing.”

He adds, “For us…we were just looking at each other, [at] that first one, just going, ‘How great is it to just do this? First of all, for us, let’s just take a moment, even though there’s no clapping, to just love this."”

Josh says Thursday’s concert will include songs from Harmony, requests from fans and past hits.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun for us to play the new music, play songs that have been requested and we’ve got a space booked that’s going to look incredible, and more musicians than we’ve had on the other live streams,” he teases.  “We keep trying to level up and make the production and musicality of it even better each time.”

But while he may not miss the applause, how does he handle he fact that nobody’s there to laugh at his jokes?

“My goal always is to make my musicians and crew laugh, because they know all my shtick,” he reveals. “My goal is always to to catch them off-guard. And so my feeling is, if I can hear cackles behind me, then there’s probably a little bit of cackling happening out in the ether!”

By Andrea Dresdale
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