John Mayer stops concert to assist concertgoer suffering medical emergency

John Mayer puts his fans first.  When performing his Small Stage Series Show — his first concert in two years — the hitmaker slammed on the brakes when he realized a member of the audience was in medical distress.

The Hollywood Reporter captured video of the Wednesday-night incident, which shows John calling out “Stop the show” and ending the music when a concert goer passes out in the crowd.  As paramedics go in to assist, John is heard talking to them over the microphone, “Are they conscious?… They’re conscious. Give me a thumbs up if they’re alert.”  

Medics treated the fan and took them out of the venue, the Hollywood Palladium, in a wheelchair.  During that time, the outlet reports John and his band briefly left the stage for several minutes.

It appears the Grammy winner checked on the status of the fan while he was gone and, upon returning to the stage, he announced, “Anyone in the crowd who’s worried, I’m told that she’s up and waved goodbye, so she’s okay. The system works, thank you very much.”  The show carried on for another half hour.

The fan has not been identified.

This is the second recent incident where a musician stopped their concert to check on a distressed fan.  Earlier this week, Billie Eilish paused her show when a member of the audience needed an inhaler.  The “bad guy” singer had her team rush over the medical device and told the crowd, “It’s okay, we got one. Give her some time. Don’t crowd. Relax, relax, it’s okay. We’re taking care of our people, hold on.”

Artists have been facing increased pressure to ensure their fans’ safety at concerts following the Astroworld tragedy, where 10 people died at Travis Scott‘s November performance after the unruly crowd surged the stage.

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