John Mayer opens up about his Hollywood ambitions: “I don’t really have a brain for acting”

John Mayer is known mostly for his music, but now that he’s starring in the upcoming mystery-comedy Vengeance, is he planning on shifting gears to take over Hollywood?  

“I like being in my friends’ movies,” John told Entertainment Tonight. “I don’t really have a brain for acting. I like when my friends call me and say, ‘You wanna do stuff?"”

Continued the seven-time Grammy winner, “I’m my own agent for film.” Acting as his own acting representative is pretty easy, too. He laid out what the job entails, saying, “It happens just when friends go ‘Hey I have an idea for you,’ — I go ‘yeah, I’ll do it."” Simple as that!”

John added he enjoys working with his friends and highlighted his time with The Office’s B.J. Novak — who wrote, directed and stars in Vengeance. The movie is about a New York-based journalist/podcaster who hooks up with a girl from Texas. She winds up dead, so he travels to the Lone Star state to investigate.

The “New Light” singer said, “B.J. is very thoughtful on where he wants it to go” with the upcoming project and added that courtesy was extended to his character, also named John, who is “a parody” version of a rockstar. John also teased a particular scene he has with Novak.

He described it as “a great moment between two guys that are smart but dumb” and added, “The way we are talking it’s like we are only ever listening to ourselves talk.”

Vengeance hits theaters this Friday, July 29.

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