Joey Fatone & AJ McLean on their “organic” and “interactive” tour: “We love to get out there”

*NSYNC‘s Joey Fatone and Backstreet Boys‘ AJ McLean are teaming up for A Legendary Night tour, kicking off March 15 in Rancho Mirage, California. Joey’s done live performances with various boy band members over the years, but he and AJ make the best team because, he says, “We just love to perform.”

“We love to get out there. We love the audience,” he tells ABC Audio. And since *NSYNC isn’t touring, he welcomes the opportunity. “To get a chance to do that, especially with AJ, is an honor and a privilege,” he says. 

As for AJ, he says it’s an honor to join Joey as they sing songs from their respective groups — or, as AJ puts it, “certain songs that I wish were Backstreet Boys songs, not gonna lie.” AJ will also sing songs from his new solo EP, but Joey says, “I just want to perform and have fun. That’s seriously what this is about.”

He teases, “It’s going to be very interactive with the audience. We’re going to change the styles of certain songs. We may flip things on its head and just change it up a little bit.” 

In certain cities they’ll be calling their celebrity pals to see if they’re available to join them onstage — just one reason why AJ says each show will be unique. “We do have the luxury of having a live band. We can literally feed off of what the crowd’s energy is,” he explains.  

He adds, “[The show]’s funny, the banter is there and it’s organic. We’re not trying to be people we’re not. We’re just Joey and AJ, cutting it up.”

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