Joe Jonas submits to lie detector test: “It always seems like a great idea on paper”

Joe Jonas couldn’t hide the truth when taking a lie detector test for Vanity Fair. The “Cake By the Ocean” singer admitted the idea sounded “like a great idea on paper” but soon regretted his choice.

The questioning started with a bang, asking if Nick Jonas was being honest when he declared himself the favorite child. With a sigh, Joe remarked that’s “very much so” the truth. “Thanks mom and dad,” he deadpanned.

Joe attested he wasn’t bothered that Nick is the golden child — but the lie detector stated otherwise. Then again, he confessed his parents are still bitter they weren’t told he and Sophie Turner eloped in Las Vegas.  DJ Diplo famously spilled the beans by livestreaming the supposed-to-be secret ceremony.

When asked about his brothers, the DNCE frontman stated he has the best vocal range, but when it came to naming the better songwriter, Nick was the winner in Joe’s mind.

When discussing other hot button topics, he confirmed the rumor that he was on the exclusive dating app, Raya, adding, “I mean, who wasn’t?” Joe also admitted to sliding into Turner’s DMs and said he did that to at least “10” others before finding love with his now-wife.

Speaking of Turner, Joe revealed he will “happily take the short king trophy” because the Game of Thrones star is taller than him. “Me and my wife have this debate for a long time now that I like to make her mad by making her think that we’re actually the same height,” he revealed. Joe added, “My type has always been tall women.”

Joe also revealed he threw his infamous purity ring “in the trash,” adding he thought it was “creepy” he was asked about his virginity so much when he was a teenager.

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