Joe Jonas say he’s most scared of wife Sophie Turner’s segment on ‘Jonas Brothers Family Roast’

The Jonas Brothers aren’t exactly sure what to expect when they get roasted on Netflix’s upcoming Jonas Brothers Family Roast, but there’s one spouse who they’ve been warned about: Sophie Turner

Turner, who’s been married to Joe since 2019, apparently has such a good set of insults planned for her husband that he’s been told to be prepared.

“I’ve heard rumors of what Sophie has planned for, you, Joe,” Kevin told E! News’ Daily Pop, before Joe chimed in, “It’s never good when comedians that are helping us come up to me and are like ‘Oh man, good luck, brother.’ That’s not what I want to hear before this thing!” 

Nick added that he’s already preparing for the roast’s aftermath, revealing, “I definitely booked therapy for Monday morning.”

In addition to the one-hour comedy special, which is filled with sketches, games, songs and special guests, the JoBros are looking forward to some time off now that they’ve wrapped up their Remember This tour.

“But certainly not a full break hiatus like the last time when we broke up,” Nick clarified. However, Kevin is waiting to see how the roast goes before making any decisions about their future.

“Talk to us after the show,” he joked.

The Jonas Brothers Family Roast airs Tuesday, November 23 on Netflix.

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