Jennifer Lopez premieres new single and video; album ‘This Is Me … Now’ available for pre-order

Jennifer Lopez has finally released “Can’t Get Enough,” the first single and video from her upcoming album This Is Me … Now, due out February 16.

In the upbeat song, J-LO sings, “When it feels right/Nothing else matters/Is this real life?/Too good to be true … I’m still in love with you.” The video pokes fun at the star’s image as a serial bride — she’s been married four times — by showing her marrying three different guys, one of whom is Dancing with the Stars judge Derek Hough

As the lavish reception progresses, J-Lo is seen dancing and cutting the cake with all three men as guests on the sideline bet on how long this one will last.

At the end, J-Lo sits alone looking dejected as you hear the voiceovers of the three guys complaining about her: “She thinks I’m her employee.” “All she cares about is work.” “It is never enough for you!”  The words “To be continued” flash on the screen as the clip ends.

This Is Me … Now is available for preorder now and will be available in a whole range of special editions, including a deluxe CD with a 40-page booklet, a green standard vinyl LP and eight other vinyls in a range of colors and covers. 

A “musical experience” inspired by the album, called This Is Me … Now: A Love Story, will stream on Prime Video on February 16.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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