Jason Derulo teams with Z2 comics to bring his TikTok character UZO to life

For a while now, Jason Derulo has been making videos and TikToks featuring himself as a superhero character he created called UZO.  Now, that character is finally coming to life in the pages of a comic book.

Jason is teaming with Z2 comics to release Jason Derulo’s UZO, a graphic novel that’s now available for pre-order.

“I’ve been working on bringing Uzo to life for years, from writing scripts to skits on TikTok. So blessed to have worked with a dream team of creators to bring the best version of Uzo to you,” he says in a statement.

Anthony Piper, who co-wrote the story with Jason, adds, “We’re creating something unprecedented for a Black hero. Something that speaks on the responsibility that comes with manhood and being a protector, of not only family, but the planet itself.”

Here’s the plot: In the near future, Earth is plunged into a new ice age after the U.S. government destroys a planet-killing asteroid in orbit, unleashing a hail of meteorites.  Decades later, a tribal hunter named Uzo protects his village and a nearby temperate region using his enhanced physiology — and two hatchets.  Uzo must face off against The Major and his militia, who will stop at nothing to mine the ore found in the meteorites.

The graphic novel will be released on October 31.  There are also Platinum and Super-Deluxe editions that come with all kinds of merch, including an UZO action figure, playing cards, art prints, a flag, a pin, greeting cards and more.  The Platinum edition comes in a limited edition of 500, and is autographed by Jason.

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