Jason Derulo talks “Spicy Margarita,” “even more grown-up” new album ‘Nu King’

Nu King, Jason Derulo‘s first album since 2015, is out now. The album’s 27 tracks include many of the singles Jason’s released since 2015, as well as new material. Jason explains why he wanted to put both older and new songs on the record.

“It was important for me to have all these songs because there’s songs like ‘Swalla,’ ‘Acapulco,’ ‘Take You Dancing,’ that don’t have a home, and I wanted them to have a home. But also, I have a lot of new material that I wanted people to hear.,” Jason tells ABC Audio.

He says the new songs are “even more grown-up,” adding, “I always try to reinvent myself.”  The album’s title, he says, is inspired by his personal journey.

“With all the things that I’ve done in my life … I never became close to the person that I wanted to become,” he explains. “And I feel like in 2023, I went into this cocoon phase … and I worked my a** to become the person that I’ve always wanted to become. So … 2024 is when I step into the ‘ideal Jason Derulo."”

The album includes multiple collaborations, including Jason’s new hit “Spicy Margarita.” It interpolates the 1954 Dean Martin standard “Sway,” and features Michael Bublé singing the hook. Jason says Michael also indirectly inspired the song.

“It was his idea in a way, because he said the words, ‘I’m surprised more people don’t use the American Songbook, because it is the genesis of what pop music is, today,"” Jason explains. “And I was like, ‘Hold that thought."”

“Then I went into the studio and put this together with some friends, and the next day or two, I sent him a skeleton of what it is today,” he laughs. “And he was like, ‘Jason, you’re a f******* genius!"”

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