“I’m really proud of what we created”: Lindsey Stirling’s ‘Home for the Holidays’ virtual concert streams on Saturday

Lindsey Stirling‘s virtual concert experience Home for the Holidays streams tomorrow, December 12.  She tells ABC Audio that since she couldn’t do a Christmas tour, she decided to create something that would cheer her up — as well as her dancers and her crew.

“Spirits are low when people can’t do what they love to do, and so I started thinking, ‘Oh gosh, guys, let’s put together a Christmas show,"” she tells ABC Audio. “I knew it would make them happy. And I think my fans are going to really want something to look forward to at Christmas…[since] a lot of us won’t be able to be with our families.”

While producing the show wasn’t easy due to COVID protocols, Lindsey says, “I am so glad I did it…it was such an amazing experience and I’m really proud of what we created.”

Lindsay loved taking advantage of special effects and production she could never do at an actual concert. 

“I never want people to have a chance to get bored,” she explains. “I want everyone to be wondering what’s coming next: What costume are they’re going to wear? How’s she going to do her hair? What’s the color palette going to be? I think it will keep people fully entertained.”

In addition to gifting fans with a Christmas show, Lindsey’s also started The Upside Fund, to truly help them.

“I focus every Christmas on people that are going through medical crises of some kind, and because of that, they can’t pay their other bills,” says Lindsey. “It’s a super-emotional experience…I just get, like, thousands of requests.”

You can join Lindsey in helping out fellow fans financially via The Upside Fund. Lindsey notes, “There’s so much need out there, and I think this year there’s even more than ever before.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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