How often is Taylor Swift actually shown during NFL games?

Taylor Swift’s appearance at NFL games seemingly boosts viewership, but how often is she actually shown during the broadcasts? If you asked certain social media users, or even 2024 Golden Globes host Jo Koy, you might think it was a significant amount of time.

But according to The New York Times, she isn’t shown that often.

“That dissonance between how many times Ms. Swift is shown versus how many times people seem to think she was shown, has continued despite the reality that she is typically on screen for less than 25 seconds over the course of broadcasts that run longer than three hours, and her name is rarely mentioned,” a NYT article reads. 

In other Taylor and NFL news, a Buffalo, New York, cat rescue organization called Ten Lives Club has received over $260,000 in donations from Swifties in honor of Buffalo Bills kicker Tyler Bass. After he missed a game-tying field goal against the Kansas City Chiefs over the weekend, he began receiving hateful threats online. It caused him to turn off his Instagram and X accounts.

Bass, a huge cat lover, is an ambassador for Ten Lives Club. Swifties rallied to donate to the organization to show their support for Bass.

“There are a lot of Swiftie groups out there that are rallying and donating on behalf of Tyler Bass,” Ten Lives Club’s Kimberly LaRussa said on Today. She also spoke to People, saying, “We are so grateful to everyone for their support and for having Tyler’s back. We hope this brings him a smile knowing what a difference he is making.”

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