How much is Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship worth?

Exactly how much is Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance worth? If you asked them, they’d likely say it’s priceless.

But to the Kansas City Chiefs and National Football League, Taylor has generated an equivalent brand value of $331.5 million, Apex Marketing Group reported to Front Office Sports.

That hefty sum, which was calculated on January 22, comes from the equivalent dollar value of all print, digital, radio, TV, highlights and social media impressions of Taylor going back to her first game attendance on September 24.

Additionally, she helped boost viewership, giving the NFL its best regular-season female viewership since it began tracking numbers in 2000.

She’s also helped bring about a rise in sales of women’s fan apparel. Sales of Travis’ jersey increased about 400% after Taylor attended her first game. And when Taylor wore a custom jacket made by Kristin Juszczyk, wife of 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk, the designer gained more than 500,000 followers.

One thing is for sure, Taylor’s fans are invested in her romance with Travis, and they’re showing it by tuning in and paying up.

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