How Ally Brooke learned the hard way not to wait until October 31 to get a costume

Ally Brooke will usher in the holiday season on November 3 with the release of her first Christmas EP, Under the Tree. But first, let’s get through Halloween by allowing the former Fifth Harmony member to recall her most memorable costume — which was only memorable because it was so last minute.

“One year I couldn’t find anything, so I literally was a pineapple,” Ally tells ABC Audio. “I literally went to Target, and it was the last thing on sale. So I’m like, ‘OK.’ It was literally on Halloween day, I believe. So I was like, ‘That’s what I get."”

But at least she learned a valuable lesson: Never wait until October 31 when it comes to Halloween.

Ally has much better memories of fans sending her photos of themselves dressed as her — or as part of a group costume, where five friends would get together and dress like Fifth Harmony.

“Oh, my God, it’s the coolest thing. I love it,” says Ally. She laughs, “I’m a huge fan of that. So I’m like, ‘Bring it on, guys."”

Anyone who wants to dress like Ally these days has a new era to choose from: She’s gone back to her natural brown hair and is back to making pop music. So far, she’s released the single “Gone to Bed,” with more to come.

As for Under the Tree, that’s also the title of an original song that’s on the EP, in addition to three Christmas classics.

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