Here are the different colors Camila Cabello *almost* dyed her hair

Camila Cabello wanted a big change as she enters her new musical era, so she dyed her hair platinum blonde.  It turns out that was just one of several different colors the “I LUV IT” singer considered.

NYLON magazine reports that before she settled on blonde, Camila considered dying her hair silver, pink or light blue — in fact, light blue almost won. 

“I’ve had dark hair all my life, so it feels good to be like, ‘f*** it, I could do something kind of dramatic,’” she tells NYLON. “It really subconsciously changes how you feel about yourself and gives you some freedom.”

“If something different is happening musically, it helps to look like a different person,” she explains. “You want to feel like a new artist every time you put an album out, even if you’ve been around for a long time.” 

“Constant change is the solution,” she adds. “It’s the key to peace and the medicine to anxiety.”

According to a press release announcing her role as the face of BACARDÍ rum, Camila’s new album will be called C, XOXO, and it’ll be out this summer.

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