Has Katy Perry started her new era?

Now that the finale of American Idol has aired, it seems like Katy Perry is heading straight into her new era: she’s changed her profile photos on both Instagram and social platform X.

Her Instagram and X profile photos are now her initials in silver futuristic bubble letters, bracketed by parentheses. Her header image on X appears to be bubbles on a red background.

In the lead-up to her final day on American Idol, Katy had been teasing her upcoming music and tour, telling Access Hollywood that KP6 is “pure joy and fun and playful and celebratory and a party.” And in April, she revealed that “one of my biggest songs” is coming out.

Katy’s most recent album was 2020’s Smile, which came out two days after she and her partner, Orlando Bloom, welcomed their daughter, Daisy Dove.


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