Harry Styles mediates tense argument between Florence Pugh and Chris Pine in new ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ clip

A new clip of Don’t Worry Darling is here and it gives us more questions than answers.

The teaser, shared Wednesday, shows Florence Pugh‘s character, Alice, turning a dinner party into a tense disagreement with Chris Pine‘s Frank, the CEO of the Victory Project. This causes her husband, Harry Styles‘ Jack, to become visibly distressed.

Alice ratchets up the tension by pointing out that everyone in their quaint town, called Victory, has similar stories — from how they met to where they honeymooned. Meanwhile, Jack tries to redirect and calm the conversation.

“There are so many different stories that we’re told,” Alice continues while staring directly at her husband’s boss. “We’re told what we remember until we try to remember things that they want us to forget.” Frank is then accused of “doing something to us.”

The tide turns against Alice when Frank reveals she went “to headquarters” and “put all of your lives in danger.”

The clip ends with a shocked Jack staring at Alice, who sighs in frustration.

Don’t Worry Darling hits theaters on September 23.

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