Gwen Stefani shares how Disney plays a role in her family traditions

Gwen Stefani joins this year’s The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration.  Turns out, the singer has fond memories of the theme park. 

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight from Disneyland, the “Slow Clap” singer explained that she grew up in a home that was so close to the park, it was basically her “backyard.”

“My parents used to pick us up from school and would be driving down Harvard Boulevard going, ‘Oops, we made the wrong turn. I guess we have to go to Disneyland today.’ It’s just one of those things that we do every year,” Gwen recalled, noting that she does the same thing with her kids: 15-year-old Kingston, 13-year-old Zuma, and Apollo, who’s seven.

“I bring the kids every single year at Christmas time, so I know that they would be freaked out to know that I am actually here right now. They are going to be like, ‘Why didn’t you bring us?"” Gwen laughed.

The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration airs Sunday, November 28, at 7 p.m. ET on ABC.

Although Christmas is right around the corner, Gwen’s focused on Thanksgiving, and revealed, “We leave next week to go to Oklahoma, it’s a tradition. My whole family flies out, and we have not been back there since the wedding.”

The singer adds she’s “very excited” to spend her first holiday as Mrs. Blake Shelton and raved, “It’s gonna be our first married Thanksgiving!”

Gwen says she’s also looking forward to stuffing herself with turkey, adding, “My mom definitely likes to do her turkey her way. Blake likes to experiment with multiple smaller turkeys,” revealing he previously made a “hot Cheetos turkey” and plans on a “bacon-wrapped” bird this year.

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