Gwen Stefani is “ready to take home another trophy” on ’The Voice’

With one more week to go before The Voice’s new season on NBC, returning coach Gwen Stefani is laying out her case of why she deserves to win.

In a new promotional video, the Grammy winner declared she is “ready to take home another trophy” and told husband Blake Shelton to “watch out” because she’s “not playing nice.”

It should be noted that Blake does feel some pressure, noting his bride is “killing it.” New coach Camila Cabello also praises Gwen, saying if she had competed on the show, she would join Team Gwen.

Gwen revealed why she happily returned to the franchise, saying it “was built for people to shine and grow right before everyone’s eyes.”

“I just love to be here,” she continued, noting of the show’s “hopeful” tone. “Every time I come, I feel so grateful because I feel so inspired again about music.”

There was also a teaser of the upcoming first episode, where the “Sweet Escape” singer sits in her chair and admits she’s “having flashbacks.” She hasn’t been part of the show since its 19th season in 2020, which she won thanks to 16-year-old Carter Rubin.

Gwen first joined the franchise in 2014.

As for whether or not the singer will take home her second win, we’ll just have to tune in and see. The Voice returns for its 22nd season on September 19 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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