Good idea, right? Olivia Rodrigo’s tour is giving her streaming numbers a boost

Looks like Olivia Rodrigo‘s GUTS tour may be experiencing what we might call the “Cruel Summer” effect: Fans who are excited about and/or attending the trek are streaming the songs featured in her set list.

Billboard reports that Olivia’s entire catalog was up 24% from the weekend prior to the launch of the tour. What’s more, “bad idea right?,” which opened the show, was up 27% individually, while “get him back!,” the final song in the set list, was up 29%.

The tour is also boosting the streaming figures of Olivia’s current opening act, Chappell Roan: Her entire catalog saw a 32% increase during the first weekend of the tour.

A portion of the proceeds from the tour will be donated to Olivia’s Fund 4 Good, which will support “women, girls and people seeking reproductive health freedom.” Specifically, the funds will go to community-based nonprofits that support girls education and reproductive rights and prevent gender-based violence. There are also information tents set up at each tour stop.

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