Get the Kleenex out for Pink’s new video, “All Out of Fight”

Warning: Prepare to cry while watching Pink‘s new video.

The visual is for “All Out of Fight,” one of two new songs on the Tour Deluxe Edition of Pink’s album TRUSTFALL. She doesn’t appear in the clip: Instead, she sings the heartbreaking ballad over the story of a young couple who are deeply in love, and whose hobbies are driving into the wilderness, digging up crystals and cutting and polishing them until they look beautiful.

The video takes a dark turn when the guy finds the girl on the floor and rushes her to the hospital, where she’s diagnosed with what appears to be cancer. The rest of the clip captures the couple’s emotional struggles during this time, but there is one heartwarming moment: The guy discovers that despite her illness, the girl has secretly rigged up all their crystals so they glow with a heavenly light.

In addition to “All Out of Fight,” the expanded TRUSTFALL features Pink’s collab with Marshmello and Sting, “Dreaming,” as well as six songs recorded live on her Summer Carnival tour earlier this year. She recently announced she’s bringing the tour back in 2024 with opening act Sheryl Crow. Tickets go on sale Monday, December 11, at 10 a.m. local time on

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