“Get Busy” celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sean Paul’s ‘Dutty Rock’

Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Sean Paul‘s Dutty Rock, the album that made the reggae/dancehall artist a global superstar thanks hits like “Get Busy,” the Beyoncé duet “Baby Boy” and “Gimme the Light.” It’s no wonder the artist says he’d like to make another album just like it.

“For me, that’s a classic album. It’s something I’ve been trying to recreate ever since,” Sean told ABC Audio. “When you have an album — especially in these modern day times — where it’s like five singles deep…it’s kind of a stamp in a lot of people’s memories.”

He laughs, “I get a lot of people coming up to me saying, ‘Yo, you helped me make my family! I got busy on the dance floor, and then we got busy!"”

Dutty Rock — Jamaican patois for “Dirty Rock” — sold more than six million copies worldwide, and won Sean the Grammy for Best Reggae Album. 

“Yeah. I stand proud behind that work, man,” he says. “I love all those songs: ‘Get Busy,’ ‘Like Glue,’ ‘Gimme the Light,’ ‘Baby Boy,’ ‘I’m Still In Love With You.’ Great stuff!”

Dutty Rock helped make dancehall mainstream, and started a hot streak for Sean that carried into his next release, 2005’s The Trinity, featuring his biggest hit, “Temperature.” Overall, he’s racked up 19 top 20 Billboard hits, but there’s one achievement from that era that he’s most proud of.

“For me to win an American Music Award in 2006 — we [hadn’t] had a Caribbean artist before that cop anything from the American Music Awards,” he recalls. “And it was for Best Pop Male Vocalist, so I beat Kanye West and Justin Timberlake!…I felt very special at the time.”

In September, Sean Paul served as Gwen Stefani‘s advisor on The Voice.

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