GAYLE reveals what she learned opening for Taylor Swift and Pink this year

GAYLE quietly had a banner 2023: She was nominated for a Grammy for Song of the Year, she was on the Barbie soundtrack, she opened for Taylor Swift on her Eras Tour, and Pink on her Summer Carnival Tour. So what did the “abcdefu” artist learn from those two powerhouse performers?

“With Pink, I learned I truly am never going to be able to do a backflip and be in the sky,” she told ABC Audio. “And I’ve really had to come to terms with that … because I’m not the athletic girlie.”

“And with Taylor, I mean, both of them, their stamina is just so impressive and they’re able to throw incredible shows and you never even see them sweat!”

But GAYLE also appreciates the emotional connection Pink and Taylor make during their shows.

“I think they do a beautiful job in being able to acknowledge their humanness while still being basically perfect,” GAYLE explained., adding, “It’s really, really beautiful to get a closer look at who they are as people with a live performance.”

And while she didn’t fly or sing 44 songs, GAYLE says she still managed to incorporate something she learned from Pink and Taylor into her own tour this fall: personalizing each concert.

“Every show there is something different. With Taylor, there’s the surprise songs and Pink, there’s different, like, interludes,” GAYLE explained. “And I kind of tried to add something new to my show to give it a personal experience … like, ‘Oh, I went to the show where this happened’ … you can know the exact show that that happened at. And I think that’s really cool.” 

You can see GAYLE on ABC December 21 as part of Jingle Ball Tour special at 8 p.m. ET, along with Olivia Rodrigo, SZA, Sabrina Carpenter, Cher and more.

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