From Gaga to Greta, ‘Barbie’ composers await (possible) Oscar noms

In 2019, Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt won the Best Original Song Oscar for co-writing the A Star Is Born song “Shallow” with Lady Gaga. When Oscar nods are announced on January 23, they may find themselves with nominations for the original score they wrote for Barbie, and for co-writing the Barbie album hits “Dance the Night” and “I’m Just Ken.”

Ronson told ABC Audio that he and Wyatt feel the music they created for Greta Gerwig‘s Barbie and the music they created for Bradley Cooper‘s A Star Is Born have more in common than you might think. 

“They’re songs that we’re really proud of,” Ronson said. “But then what both Bradley did with A Star Is Born and what Greta has done with this film [is] imbue your song with, like, so much emotional resonance. Because people are falling in love with this movie and your song at the same time.”

He adds, “It’s the most you could hope for as a songwriter, you know, to get this extra lift from this other emotional experience that people are having while they’re receiving your song.”

Wyatt says Oscars are nice, but he feels that for Barbie, he and Ronson were just doing their job, just as they did when they wrote the A Star Is Born songs with Lady Gaga.

“I mean, it’s always nice when your hard work is recognized,” he told ABC Audio. “[But] I think it’s all just about whatever circumstance you’re in … trying to be the most effective level of service that you can to whatever the scenario is.”

“So here we were working with Greta, who is another fantastic artist,” Wyatt continued, before Ronson interjected, “Yeah, Greta’s our Gaga.”

Wyatt agreed: “She’s our Gaga in this one.”

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