Four years after deadly fire, Adele appears in video in support of Grenfell United

Ever since the Grenfell Tower Fire — the 2017 tragedy that killed 72 people in a 24-story apartment building in London — Adele has been one of the most visible and vocal supporters of the survivors and the families of the victims.  In fact, on Monday, she appeared in a video marking the fourth anniversary of the fire.

The video was distributed by Grenfell United, a group made up of families and survivors who are calling for results in an inquiry seeking to hold accountable those responsible for the deaths.  They allegedly include the building’s owners, who didn’t keep the exterior to code, and the fire service, which didn’t evacuate the building’s residents quickly enough.

In the video, Adele, who wears minimal makeup and has her hair down, says, “Today marks four years since the Grenfell Tower fire, and still, there are so many unanswered questions…still, no one has been accountable for that night’s events. And yet, Grenfell United is still out here, fighting tirelessly for the justice and for the change that not only they deserve, that their community deserve, that the whole country deserves.”

She continues, “Thank you for putting your pain aside for all of these years to fight the fight. I can’t imagine the kind of personal consequences that has on you. I really hope that this time next year, you will have the answers that you will need to finally, finally be able to breathe together….I love you…we’re all with you.”

Adele also promised, “I’ll see you soon.”

The inquiry into the fire, which was ordered the day after it happened, has been delayed, in part due to COVID-19.

(Adele appears 56:17 into the video.)

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