Everybody agrees: Beloved Taylor Swift cardboard cutout must remain in Manchester

Demand to see Taylor Swift in 2023 is so high that fans in Manchester, England, are content with looking at a cardboard cutout of the superstar.

Since 2017, a Manchester comedian named Red Redmond has displayed a cardboard cutout of Taylor in their window, where it can be seen by anyone who’s riding Manchester’s Metrolink tram line to the city center. The cutout, dubbed Tram Taylor, has become somewhat iconic, with Metrolink customers asking each other to “text me when you pass Taylor” and one ex-Metrolink driver tweeting that they felt Taylor was “part of the team.”

But all that was thrown into chaos on January 4 when Redmond tweeted that they were moving to a different city. However, they were promptly contacted by hundreds of people offering to adopt the cutout so it could continue to be seen by Metrolink riders. 

If anything happens to Taylor I will cry,” one fan tweeted. “She’s literally my favorite thing about going into town she is literally a piece of my childhood.”

The Manchester Evening News reports that Tram Taylor will be staying in the short term and likely in the long term, as well. “I’m going to be renting this flat out, but it won’t be on the market for a couple of months…she will definitely stay for the foreseeable,” Redmond noted.

They continued, “I have had so much interest in my DMs from people who want to rent the flat and keep her there. I am very happy that she’s become a part of people’s lives for so long. I aim to do everything I can so she can stay.”

Imagine their reaction if the actual Taylor decides to perform in Manchester on her Eras tour.

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