Elton John shares photos of son Elijah’s birthday celebration

Elton John‘s youngest son Elijah Joseph Daniel turned eight on Monday, and now the music legend has shared some photos of the birthday celebration on his Instagram Story.

First, there’s a picture of a huge balloon banner hanging on a bookcase that reads, “Happy Birthday Elijah,” as well as multi-colored flags hanging from the ceiling.  There’s also a big number “8” made entirely out of balloons, adorned with balloon figures of the characters from the video game Super Mario Brothers.

A three-tier Super Mario-themed cake was also part of the celebration, inscribed with the words “Super Elijah.” It’s surrounded by birthday cards, as well as a folded t-shirt that reads, “I’m the youngest. The rules don’t apply to me.”

The final image is of Elijah himself, posing in the kitchen in a scary black mask and hoodie so you can’t see his face.

Elijah’s brother, Zachary Jackson Levon, just turned 10 on Christmas Day.  Both boys’ third names were inspired by their dad’s classic songs, “Daniel” and “Levon.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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