Elton John interviews Shawn Mendes for ‘VMAN’ cover story

Four years after Shawn Mendes joined Elton John for a duet of “Tiny Dancer” at the music legend’s L.A. concert, the two sat down for a chat for the new issue of VMAN.

Their mutual respect for one another shines throughout the interview, as Elton asks Shawn about his new album, Wonder, his girlfriend Camila Cabello and his charity foundation.

Shawn opens up about his favorite track on Wonder, called “Song for No One,” which he wrote three years ago before the album was even conceptualized.

“I started playing this really eerie guitar part, super small,” Shawn says. “The whole thing is really sad; [I was] not with Camila at the time. I was a little hungover and wishing I was with her.”

Now that Shawn and Camila have been together for a year and a half, Elton notes that Camila seems to have had a “very calming influence” on him.

“…I think for seven years, I was on such a speedy path down one way with blinders on, and I wasn’t keeping in touch with my family and friends…but when I landed with Camila, immediately she had her family around more,” Shawn explains. “[She’s] all about the family and friends, and it really made me like, ‘Oh, I should call my mom.’”

“I started reaching back out to my family and friends and all of these connections I felt were further away…I felt a little bit alone out there and she changed that for me,” he says.

Wonder is out December 4. Shawn’s duet with Justin Bieber, “Monster,” drops tomorrow.

By Andrea Tuccillo
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