Ellie Goulding opens up about her anxiety, crippling panic attacks

Ellie Goulding admits her mental health is suffering because of the ongoing climate crisis. The singer said her anxiety was heightened after she welcomed her son, Arthur.

“My anxiety just went off the chart. It felt like it reached new heights of panic and fear,” she told The Mirror. “If you haven’t had a panic attack, it’s so hard to describe and explain but it’s just so overwhelming… With the current climate and what’s going on in the world, it’s making everything seem a lot more intense.”

Ellie admits her anxiety has “dictated quite a lot of my life and career,” but she’s now struggling because she fears the kind of world her son will inherit.

“It’s some kind of survival mechanism to you and your kid. You want to survive as much as possible for them and you also want them to survive, so you’re kind of fighting for both of you. It’s a lot,” the climate activist explained. 

Arthur, who’s one, helps console his mother by just being his adorable self. “When I get anxious, giving Arthur cuddles and hanging out with him really makes me feel a lot better,” the Grammy nominee said. 

Ellie, who shares Arthur with husband Caspar Jopling, added motherhood has “made me much more of an emotional person.”

“Physically and emotionally, [motherhood] changes you. It’s almost like you’re navigating a new emotion, which you’ve never experienced before,” she explained. “Suddenly your brain has expanded in its capacity to love and care for things.”

Ellie is ready to unleash her fifth studio album and released her new single “Easy Lover.” The singer said it “feels good” to return to music, adding, “I’ve been doing this for such a long time, you have to get to a point where you just put trust in yourself.”

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