Ed Sheeran won’t release new music this year: “Im just going to sit on it for a bit”

Ed Sheeran released two albums last year, – (Subtract) and Autumn Variations, which will have to be enough for fans for a while.

People asked Sheeran if there was anything he could share about possible new music, and all he said is “that I’m working on them and they’re new songs,” before adding, “But nothing’s coming out this year.”

“I’m enjoying being on tour. I released two records on tour last year and it’s quite a lot being on tour and releasing records,” he explained. “So, I’ve made the new music and I’m just going to sit on it for a bit.”

It seems Ed’s daughters, Lyra and Jupiter, have already heard those new tunes. 

Asked if his daughters are fans of his music, Ed replied, “Yeah, of course, of course. Mostly my new songs because I don’t really play my old songs in the house.”

He added, “I feel it’d be quite weird to just put on my discography, so they mostly know the new songs that I’m working on because I play them quite a lot.” 

Sheeran has a handful of U.S. shows happening in May, including a concert in Hollywood, Florida, on Friday, May 3, and a special 10th anniversary celebration concert for his album X (Multiply) at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York, on Wednesday, May 22. A complete list of dates can be found at edsheeran.com.

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