Dua Lipa’s new “recommendation platform” Service95 goes live February 3

Last year, Dua Lipa announced that in 2022, she’d be launching Service95, a free weekly newsletter in which she’d be sharing her recommendations for everything from travel tips, restaurants and global hotspots, to new artists, playlists, snacks and more, plus social commentary and features. Now, she’s ready to share the first issue.

On Instagram, Dua announced that Service95 will officially launch on February 3. As for what we can expect, she writes, “Service95 is going global, with our first issue spanning the world from Hong Kong to New York City, with stops in London and South Africa along the way.”  You can sign up now via at service95.com.

Last year, Dua explained that she’s calling her new project Service95 because she was born in 1995, and, she noted, “I’ve always seen myself as someone who is of service to my fans and my followers.”

In addition to the newsletter, Service95 will also include a podcast, but it’s not clear when that will launch.  Dua will no doubt be collecting plenty of material for her venture when she launches her long-awaited North American tour February 9 in Miami, Florida.

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